Great starter Ironman for sale!

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Post by Jack »

Great starter Ironman for sale!

Selling unregistered Ironman account.

1,000+ Total Level
Tome of Fire and Water
Phoenix pet
2M cash stack and 40M bank Value
Full Graceful
Full GotR outfit - w lantern
Full prospector outfit - coal bag and upper ML unlocked
Full angler outfit - tackle box and fish barrel
Full Pyro outfit
Tons of Pizzaz points

Looking for $160 BtC or equivalent GP

I’m OG owner and have just been training this account while getting work done on my main.

I’ve sold and bought a few accounts on here.
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Post by Rodolfo »

sweet acc and unregistered gl on sale sir
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Post by Jay0 »

Nice account. Can MM for you for free if needed brother <3
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